Some Fine Food began as a personal resource for ourselves. We cook and we need somewhere to keep our recipes. More than that, we wanted a service that was as handy for referring to over a stove with a phone or tablet without sacrificing the ease of adding another recipe when at a laptop. The less clicks or pages, the better.

Menus in restaurants were a loose inspiration; some of our favourites were the timeless, minimal lists that clearly separated areas and left no doubt as to what went where.

While we avoided frills, we wanted to make sure that some very convenient utilities were avialble behind-the-scenes. These would be completely optional to use and out of the way and remain as easy and quick to on a phone as a large screen.

After using it in the kitchen for several months, we got to a point where it had reached a maturity and simplicity that meant a public release was a no-brainer. Like our favourite meals, we shared, and are continuing to use it ourselves as our go-to recipe book.