Some Fine Food

Made for Cooking With.

Highlight Quantities, Times and Units. All scaleable and convertible. Automatically.

Some Fine Food is smart, simple and easy to use. All of the highlighting is generated automatically, so you can focus on not burning that pan. It's designed to work from your phone, with a single hand, but it's also great on a large screen. Have an iPad? Cook from two recipes simultaneously.

Copy. Paste. Import.

Grab any list of ingredients or cooking steps, paste into Some Fine Food and it's ready to go.

Or photograph pages from your favorites books and convert to text if your phone supports it. Some Fine Food can even import entire recipes directly from supported sites. Of course, you can just type it all in as the inspiration strikes. Editing is one tap away so you can make changes as you go.

Clever 🫑 Groceries.

Need to buy for the dinner party to end all dinner parties? Add the recipe to your personal grocery list.

Your grocery list is available on any device, as you tick each item off. Some Fine Food figures out categories and groups ingredients together, so you can browse aisles without thinking. Like in recipes, you can scale ingredients to whatever number you need to feed.