The Paperless Cookbook

Some Fine Food keeps every recipe from every book, website, and scribbled note on your phone or iPad. Anywhere.

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Simple Recipe Management

We've made food categories easy to read as they're swiped through on touch screens. They’re created from the same words you tag your recipes with. Still too slow? Type a few relevant letters to narrow down your search in seconds.

Combine Every Book & Site

Digitally bring your cookbooks, websites, and family recipe notes with you everywhere, for the moments you wish you had them to hand. Convert photos to full recipes and add the ability to dynamically adjust all of them with our scaling and conversion tools and you won't ever want to go back.

Scale to Suit Any Occasion

Divide or multiply the quantity of a recipe and every ingredient will adjust to match. Change it repeatedly without affecting the original recipe. Perfect for large dinner parties, or a quiet night.

Use the Units You Know

Sourced a recipe where the units don't match your preferred measurements? Convert food and liquid units to a variety of local versions, live as you cook, without altering the original recipe.

Try Us!

Try out our demonstration recipe page without signing up. Scale, convert, time, highlight or share it. See how Some Fine Food fits on whatever device you need it on by opening this example from that device.

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Keep Track of Your Progress

Glancing at a page too many times to remember what step you were at? Just tap any ingredient or cooking step and we'll highlight it for you to pick up from where you left off.

Timekeeping 12:59:00

When your recipe mentions a time duration we'll automatically highlight it. Tap it and we'll start a timer for that length and, should you have trouble keeping track of multiple timers, tap them again and we'll point out where they came from (literally).

Shopping Lists

Add any recipe to a grocery list. We'll sort all the ingredients into store categories and quantities as a checklist for you to tick off.

Share with Anyone

Anyone can view and use your recipes when shared by message or email. If you prefer, they can be locked to ensure they remain viewable only by you.